Media outreach: At GetOutfitted, has landed press features & mentions in major publications such as Yahoo! TIME, Outside Magazine, Town & Country, USA Today, SHAPE, Men's Journal, Women's Health and more. Established partnership with visitors bureaus and PR firms, as well as influencers and bloggers for robust exposure. Created and implemented buzz worthy campaigns to drum up media plugs. 


Account management & growth: Managed and grew social accounts. Expanded Instagram from 120 followers to +3,700 in a few months using creative techniques and collaboration initiatives. Grew Facebook account from 1,000 to 4,000 <5mo. 

Content creation & curation: Created social stream content (Facebook posts, Tweets, etc.) Instagram posts/copy, curated Instagram feed to optimally appeal to audience.

Content commission: Commissioned creative content based on current needs (marketing/advertising initiatives, product pushes, etc.).

Influencer network: Built a solid network of regularly contributing social influencers who both sent content and shared with their own followers.